Shadchanim (Baltimore / Greater Washington / Pennsylvania Areas)

Do you know of a shadchan in the Baltimore, Silver Spring, Rockville, Washingon. D.C. or other similar areas of Maryland (MD) or Virginia (VA) areas who isn't on the list?

If so, e-mail information about these shadchanim using the Shadchan Submission Form.

This list includes not only professional or full-time shadchanim, but also part-time and non-professional shadchanim, as well as, individuals who simply assist with shidduchim (such as those who often have groups of singles as Shabbos guests).

Each shadchan's role, as far as it is known, is described in the Notes column. If you are unsure of the shadchan's role, contact the shadchan directly for clarification.

Since each entry is collected by word of mouth, hearsay, and other methods, quality of information will vary, and cannot be guaranteed. The webmaster has not and cannot personally verfy each entry's correctness.

If a given entry is in need of updates or corrections or if you have additional notes to add about a shadchan and/or do not wish to be listed, please send your comments to:

For guidance on how to select a shadchan, Rabbi Jeff Forsythe's excellent article "Ten Keys to Choosing or Being a Good Shadchan" is recommended reading.

For ideas on what the shadchan/client relationship might ideally entail, Moshe Bellows's and Chananya Weissman's article "Shadchan Code of Responsibility" might also prove useful.

Note: Additional shadchanim, including those not based in the Mid-Atlantic area, can be found at the Sasson v'Simcha web site.

Note 2: The Baltimore Shidduch Network also now offers a "Shadchan Search" feature, where searches for shadchanim may be done by City, State or Zip Code.

Note 3: The Star-K has now employs a group of full-time shadchanim, as part of their Kol Simcha shidduch program for Baltimore singles.

Note 4: Information about the Star-K Shidduch Incentive Program can be found at:

Star-K Shidduch Incentive Program

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